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Known issues in v.8.9.5

  • Some users with Apple Watch encounter the following problem:

    When a "rest between sets" timer elapses, GymGoal on iPhone jumps to the first exercise.

    This happens when for some reason the data exchange between GymGoal on iPhone and GymGoal on Watch breaks. When the user goes to the next exercise on iPhone, the Watch still shows the old exercise. When the timer elapses, GymGoal on iPhone jumps to the exercise the Watch shows.

    Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this condition neither with actual iPhone and Watch, nor in a computer simulators.

    You can back up your GymGoal data to the server (Tools > Back up), remove GymGoal from your iPhone, download it again from AppStore, restore your data from the server (Tools > Download).

    When you run GymGoal, please make sure that you grant it all permissions it requests. GymGoal on Watch also requests some permissions - they need to be granted.

    If this does not help, you may want to remove GymGoal from Watch and use it exclusively on your iPhone until this bug is fixed.


ScalesStar Support


No known issues in ScalesStar v.1.0