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Your Nutrition Goals

The Nutrition Goals page allows you to set up your daily nutritional goals.

As you log your nutrition, GymGoal will compare your goals to your actual intake. This will allow you to adjust your meals if you are deficient in any nutrients.

GymGoal will help you to calculate your calorie goals and protein/fat/carb ratio goals.

Daily Nutrition

On this page you schedule meals for the future or enter in what you've already consumed. To add food items to your day, you browse or search Foods, Meals or Recipes.

Daily Nutrition is grouped by day's meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner etc.). GymGoal calculates the total nutritional values for each meal and for the entire day. It also allows you to compare your daily nutrition and calorie goals to the nutrition and calories that you have actually consumed.

This page also allows you to save a combination of food as a Meal or a Recipe for future entry.

Protein (g)

Nutrition History

GymGoal provides you with extensive tools for analyzing your nutrition.

History page has a table of daily total nutritional values in a selected period. You can use this table to view the detailed log of a selected day, or to graph selected nutritional data.

Graphing your nutritional data provides a visual way of seeing the nutrients you've consumed over a given time period. You can also use your nutrition graphs for comparing data from other areas in GymGoal. (Example: comparing protein intake to weight training performance level over a given timeframe, comparing consumed calories to your weight etc.)

Food Library

The Food Library allows you add your own foods, recipes and meals to the GymGoal's food library.

Eating a variety of nutritious foods is a great way to maintain good health. And trying a variety of new recipes helps to keep your food intake fresh. GymGoal includes a number of recipes and allows you to add new recipes.

Meals Library is for those people who often eat similar combinations of food. It allows you to save food combinations in the Meal Library which can make entering your daily nutrition much quicker. Instead of adding all of the individual food items to the day again, simply add the saved meal.

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