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GymGoal for iPhone

GymGoal for iPhone is a native iPhone application (more info and support)

This site hosts - a web application, hosted in the Internet and accessed through a web browser.

Interactive training programs

Customized workouts match your level.
Interactive program adjusts to your results.
Easy-to-follow illustrated instructions show proper form.
Smart program analyzes your results and advices you how to improve them.

Organize your nutrition

Calculate your nutrition goals.
Ad your foods and recipes to Gymgoal's 6,700+ foods library.
Use logs and charts to examine your progress.

My Nutrition demo

Are you into fitness, bodybuilding,
weightlifting or sports?

This site is for you,
and it's free!

Free registration

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Schedule your workouts

Schedule your strength and cardio workouts.
Use one of our ready-to-use customizable workouts or enter your current routine.
Enter once - Access anywhere.

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Log your workouts and measurements

View your log for any day in the past.
GymGoal calculates your potential and your body fat percent from your measurements.
Use charts to examine your progress.

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Muscle Tip of the Day

Remember that 8 reps at a slower controlled pace is better than 10 reps at a faster explosive pace.

Fit Tip of the Day

New Test for Predicting Heart Disease: If you're over 40 and have any family history of heart disease, take heart! A new speedy scan warns patients of cardiac problems before they have a heart attack. This test could save your life. Most heart attacks are the first and last warning a person gets. The newly devised test is the electron beam tomography (EBT) that takes 3D pictures that point out calcium in coronary arteries, a known predictor of heart disease. The test is not offered everywhere yet so if you qualify, ask your doctor where it's available.

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