1 Overview

1.2 Main terms


For example you warm up, do several exercises with weights like deadlifts, squats and so on, then jog for 10 minutes – all together this is one workout.


Deadlift is an exercise, squat is an exercise, jogging is an exercise, swimming is an exercise. Your workout usually consists of several exercises.

Routine (Workout Routine)

It is a template, a list of exercises that you plan to do during your workout.

Your actual workout may be different from your routine. When you work out, you may skip or replace or add some exercises.


GymGoal “schedule” is actually more of a “cycle”. For example you work out your upper body on Mondays, lower body on Wednesdays, you jog on Fridays, and you repeat this every week.

In GymGoal you can create a weekly schedule (there is also a rotating schedule) and attach your upper body workout to Monday, lower body workout to Wednesday and so on. The schedule will be shown on the Home page. Tapping a schedule line will start your workout session. Like everything else in GymGoal, schedule is flexible. For example today is Friday, but you can tap Monday and record your Monday workout if you want to.

Schedule and routines are optional in GymGoal. It is possible to log workouts without them, but using GymGoal during your actual workout will be easier with routines and schedule.