2 Exercises

2.5 New custom exercise

When you see a list of exercises in Body Map or Exercises, tap + button at the top to enter a new custom exercise. This exercise will be added to the selected group, unless you change the group on the exercise editing page.

You can also create new exercises when you are adding exercises to your custom routine or to your ongoing workout.


Select the correct type for your exercise (Weights or Cardio or Stretching or Plyometrics). Enter exercised muscles (weights) or groups (other exercise types). For weights you can indicate if this exercise is compound or isolating, and select the equipment type. You can learn more in Tools > Glossary


This selector allows you to enter:

Text Exercise description and instructions

Pics Pictures and links to YouTube clips

123 A list of parameters to record

Recorded parameters

The list of possible parameters is different for each exercise type. For example a weight training exercise can track:

  • Angle

  • Weight or Assisted weight or Body weight

  • Time

  • Distance

  • Repetitions

  • Rest

Weight is suitable for most weight training exercises. You have an extra option to enter only one dumbbell’s weight for an exercise that uses two identical dumbbells. Tap to activate this option.

Assisted weight is for exercise machines that make your exercise easier. For example adding more weight to a chin-up machine makes your chin-ups easier, because this weight helps you instead of working against you.

Body weight exercises – your muscles lift your body or a significant fraction of it. These are exercises like pull-ups and push-ups. Tap to indicate what portion of your body is lifted. GymGoal allows you to record additional weight, for example you may use a weight plate with your pull-ups. The total weight lifted will be the sum of your body weight and the additional weight.