6 History

6.4 Muscles

When Muscles is selected, History screen shows worked muscles and the number of workouts in the selected period for each muscle. Only weight-lifting (anaerobic) exercises are counted.

There are two selectors on this page: period and  less | more .

Period options depend on the length of your workout history. When there is less that three years in the history, the options are: 3 years, 1 year, 3 months, 1 month.

 less | more  adjust the way GymGoal counts exercises for each muscle. When “less” is selected, it counts only exercises for which this muscle is a “target” muscle. When “more” is selected, GymGoal also counts exercises for which this muscle is a “primary” muscle.

Selecting a specific muscle opens a list of exercises for this muscle you did in the selected period. GymGoal shows the number of workouts with this exercise in the selected period. The exercises are grouped into Compound and Isolation.

Selecting an exercise from this list opens its progress graphs and tables.