7 Measurements

7.3 Calculators section


Most Calculators can store the input and the results in history. Turn off Save input and results when you want to calculate something for another person.

Each calculator has a separate screen, designed for specific input and results. They all however have common elements.


and save

Once you enter all requested numbers, tap Calculate button. If there is and save text under this button – it’s a reminder that the input and the results will be saved to History. For example you have entered Height and Weight to calculate BMI – height and weight will be saved to measurements, BMI will be saved to its own history. If you are calculating something for another person, go back to the previous screen and turn off Save input and results option.


This button at the top of the screen opens history for the selected calculator. You can see a graph or a table of numbers. Tap a number in the table to edit it. You can delete history records by swapping them right-to-left with your finger.


You can track your progress with photos. They can be taken with your device’s camera or imported from your photo library. Each photo can have a description. If you take photos with the camera, you can email them or export them to your photo library.