5 Workout

5.6 Circuit training

Circuit training is a fast-paced workout in which you do one exercise for 30 seconds to 5 minutes and then move on to another exercise with little or no rest. You can learn more in Tools > Glossary.

In GymGoal a circuit workout should be entered as supersets. When you switch a superset to Performed, Image68 appears to the right of the switch. Adjust the number of sets, weights for weight-lifting exercises, if needed, and tap Image71.

GymGoal makes a circuit training workout by including all superset exercises, one exercise that comes before the superset (for warm-up) and one exercise that comes after the superset (cool-down).


Start – tap to start your workout, when everything is set up the way you want.

0 | 10 sec | 20 sec – When you tap Start, GymGoal will first run a timer to let you prepare for the workout, if you select 10 or 20 sec.

Exercise time, Rest time – if you enter something into these fields, exercise time and rest time will be set for all exercises in the circuit. You can adjust individual times before you tap Start.


Warm-Up, Cool-Down – they appear if your routine has one exercise before the supersets, and one – after the supersets. You can switch off these exercises if needed.

Circuit #1, Circuit #2 and so on – these are “sets” in supersets. If there were 3 sets in the supersets, there will be 3 circuits. If you change your mind and decide to do less circuits that were planned – turn off switches for some circuits.