4 Schedule

4.1 Entering workout cycle

GymGoal “schedule” is actually more of a “cycle”. For example you work out your upper body on Mondays, lower body on Wednesdays, you jog on Fridays, and you repeat this every week.

In GymGoal you can create a weekly schedule (there is also a rotating schedule) and attach your upper body workout to Monday, lower body one to Wednesday, jogging to Friday.

To add a routine to the schedule, open this routine in Routines and tap Image45

If you do not have a schedule yet, GymGoal automatically creates a weekly schedule and adds this routine to some week days.


Turn a switch off to remove the routine from this weekday. Turn a switch on to attach the routine to the selected weekday. You can schedule up to four workout sessions on the same day.

A weekly schedule can be more than one week long. If it is two weeks long, for example, then you work out differently on the second week. After the second week the cycle repeats and you do your first week workouts again.

Rotating schedule

For example, you work out every second day, regardless of the day of week, and you do a 2-day split routine: (A) Upper body, (B) Lower body. Your workout pattern is: AxBx, where 'x' stands for an off day (rest day). This pattern is repeated (rotated) every 4 days, so your training cycle length is 4 days.