6 History

6.3 Exercise progress

Tap an exercise name on workout details page in history to open exercise progress page. You can also open this page by selecting an exercise on the month or year summary page.

Image101The page has this selector at the top. 123 opens a table of history data, the other choice is a graph.

Image102 Graph

Select a period and what parameter you want to graph. You can select units for some parameters, for example lb or kg for weight.

The list of trackable parameters is different for different types of exercises. Besides your custom exercises may have custom lists of tracked parameters.

For example standard parameters for a weight-lifting (anaerobic) exercise are:

  • Log

  • One Rep Max

  • Actual 1RM

  • Weight (total, min, max, avg)

  • Reps (total, min, max, avg)

Log graph shows days when you did this exercises.

One Rep Max is the maximum weight you can lift in a single repetition doing this exercise. It is automatically calculated by GymGoal when you log your workouts, so it is approximate. However it is a good metric for tracking your progress.

Actual 1RM (actual One Rep Max). This graph shows manually entered, not calculated, One Rep Max for the selected exercise. You can actually try lifting your maximum weight and record it. When you record your workout, tap Image103 to enter your actual 1RM.

Weight – additionally select Total or Min or Max or Avg.

  • Total – the total weight lifted on one day.

  • Min, Max, Avg – minimum or maximum or average weight used on one day.

Reps (repetitions) – additionally select Total or Min or Max or Avg.

  • Total – the total number of repetitions on one day.

  • Min, Max, Avg – minimum or maximum or average number of repetitions on one day.

Standard parameters for a cardio (aerobic) exercise are:

  • Log

  • Time  (total, min, max, avg)

  • Distance  (total, min, max, avg)

  • Calories

  • Average heart rate

  • Maximum heart rate


When you select 123 at the top of the screen, GymGoal shows a list of numbers, grouped by months.


Image104You can enter your goals for the selected parameter. For example One Rep Max is selected. Tap this button to set your short-term and long-term goals for One Rep Max for this exercise.

When you set a goal, you enter a date and a number. In this example the short-term goal is to reach 1RM of 250 lb on 1/20/2020.

A Graph shows your goal as a green line. A table shows how much is left to reach your goal. For example your goal is 250 lb, your current 1RM is 201 lb, the table will show Remains 49.