2 Exercises

2.1 Types of exercises

Exercises in GymGoal are divided into 4 major groups:

Image9 Weights

Image10 Cardio

Image11 Stretching

Image12 Plyometrics.

Image13 Weights – anaerobic exercises. Also known as weight training, weight lifting, resistance training.

This group has exercises with dumbbells, barbells, exercise machines or just body weight. The key is that they are anaerobic. Anaerobic exercise is an intensive exercise that lasts up to 2 minutes. You can learn more in Tools > Glossary and Tools > Building muscles.

Image14 Cardio – aerobic exercises.

This is where you find running, cycling, swimming etc. Aerobic exercises are performed at moderate levels of intensity for extended periods of time. You can learn more in Tools > Glossary and Tools > Ridding fat.

Image15 Stretching – exercises for improving flexibility.

Image16 Plyometrics – exercises for developing explosive power. You can learn more in Tools > Explosive power.