8 Tools

Tap Image82 on Home page to open Tools.

This screen is divided into four sections:

  1. File

  2. Back up/Restore

  3. How to work out

  4. Settings


You can create up to 50 files in GymGoal. One file contains all GymGoal data for one person – everything that can be entered in GymGoal: routines, custom exercises, workout logs, schedule, measurements etc.

You can create an empty file or to copy an existing one.

To delete a file, select it and tap Delete on the file details screen.

Back up/Restore

You can back up all your data to the server (logs, custom exercises, pictures, everything that you enter in this app). If anything happens to your iPhone, you will be able to restore all your data to your repaired or new device.

Before you back up your data, you need to create an account. This is free. When you download your backup from the server to your new iPhone, for example, you will need to enter the login and password of your account. If you forget them, you will be able to restore them to the email registered with your account.

GymGoal can email you your backup file when you save your data to the server. This file can be used to restore GymGoal data – open an email with such file on your iPhone and tap the attachment. In this case you do not need to remember your login and password.

If you use several files, please note that GymGoal backs up one file at a time. Separate files need to be backed up separately.

How to work out

This section offers some information on working out for strength, muscle size, fat loss or explosive power. There is also some info about protein supplements, and a glossary.


Some settings work in GymGoal globally, others are attached to a file. For example you may have separate color themes for different files (people).

If a meaning of a setting is not obvious, it has an i (info) button that explains how it works.