9 Apple Watch

Open GymGoal on your iPhone and on your Watch.

If you have a schedule in GymGoal, it should be displayed on Watch. If it’s not there, tap History on your iPhone and return to Home page. Tapping a line in the schedule on your watch starts the workout session.

If you do not use a schedule, or if Watch does not show it for some reason, you need to start the workout session on your iPhone. Watch should show the first exercise of your workout.

You can log your workout on your iPhone or on Watch – the devices should synch.

To start logging an exercise on Watch tap Start. If this is a cardio (aerobic) exercise, GymGoal starts a stopwatch or a timer.

If this is an exercise wth sets (weight-lifting), Watch shows one set at a time. Tap < and > buttons to go to previous or next set.

Tap a button with weight and reps to edit these numbers. On the next page tap a number to edit it.

GymGoal starts a workout mode on your Watch when you start logging a workout. This mode activates the heart rate monitor. Your current heart rate is shown on Watch in a button. Tapping this button expands the heart rate feature full screen. Heart rate monitor on Watch consumes significant amount of energy. If you do not care about your heart rate, you can turn the monitor off on this screen. This however will affect the way your workout calories are shown in Activity.

When you finish your workout on iPhone, please look at GymGoal on Watch. It should close the workout screen and return to the schedule. Some time later it will stop the heart rate monitor (the lag may be a minute or so – it is not controlled by GymGoal). You can also finish your workout on Watch.