3 Routines

3.4 Edit, delete, copy

Editing a routine

Open a custom routine in Routines, tap Edit at the top.

You can edit everything in your custom routines. If a routine came with GymGoal, you can only edit presets for weight, reps and so on, if you select the option “New workout’s sets… Copied from Routine”.

Deleting a routine

You can delete only custom routines. Tap at the top of the routine editing page. You can also delete routines by swiping with your finger right-to-left in the list of routines.

If you have logged any workouts with this routine, the log records will remain in History.

Copy a routine

You can also copy and edit an existing routine. Open a routine it Routines, tap Copy at the top.

When you copy a routine that came with GymGoal, the result is a custom routine and you can change anything in it.

Routine from a workout

You can can also save a recorded workout session as a routine. Open a day in History, tap Image44, select Save as routine.