• 350 exercises. Strength-training exercises (weights) come with animations. Stretches - with 3D-model illustrations. Cardio exercises of different intensity. Step by step instructions ensure you get the most from your workouts. You can add your own exercises.
  • Pictures, text and youtube clips can be attached to any exercise.
  • 52 workout routines. You can add your own routines.
  • Flexible tracking system for strength, cardio and stretching workouts. Supersets and drop-sets are supported. Track variables that you care about. Log a routine or any exercise. Edit/move/duplicate/delete your log records.
  • While logging your workout you can change the number or sets, use different reps and weights for each set, copy reps and weights from the history, skip, replace or add exercises and even create custom exercises on the fly. There are timers for cardio and stretches. You can create your custom exercises with trackers that you care about, for example weight and duration with an optional timer.
  • Bodyweight and assisted-weight exercises automatically use your body weight or a part of it, and you can record an additional weight.
  • GymGoal automatically calculates One Rep Max from your log, but you can also track your actual 1RM for every exercise.
  • Workout history by muscle shows muscles that you neglect. Professional volume load and training intensities tracking. Many other professional features.
  • Weekly or rotating workout scheduling.
  • Body measurements tracking plus additional custom trackers.
  • One-rep Max, BMI, BMR, Body Fat Percentage, TDEE, Target Heart Rate calculators and progress tracking.
  • You don't need an Internet connection - everything is stored on your device.
  • Ability to back up your data to the server (free), or to email it. You can copy your data between iPhones and other supported devices.
  • Workout logs, measurements, routines and the schedule can be emailed for review and printing.
  • Compare your results to other GymGoal users.
  • Up to 50 user accounts.


GymGoal can be your best workout buddy.

Simply choose a body part, tap on an exercise, and you are presented with pictures, animations, step by step instructions and performance tips. You can also search by name, equipment type, movement type, difficulty level, or a combination of all above. If you don't see an exercise you like, just add your own.

GymGoal explains how to train for muscle size, strength or fat loss. You can also learn about different protein supplements.

Do you want to change your workout routine, or you don't have one yet? We have included several carefully designed routines that are adjusted to four levels of expertise and three different types of equipment. You can further adjust these routines, or add your own.


The best available workout tracking system.

The GymGoal workout tracking system is very flexible and powerful. You can log separate exercises or routines. Cardio/resistance/stretching exercises may be mixed in the same routine, supersets are also supported. Past workout logs are editable. You can also move or duplicate them to different dates. While logging your workout you can enter text notes and reminders.

GymGoal has timers that can be used to limit your rest between sets, track your cardio and stretching session, or even time your weight-lifting.

In GymGoal nothing is set in stone. When you perform your routine, you can skip, add or replace exercises. When you replace an exercise, GymGoal suggests you a list of alternatives, but you can chose any exercise you want, or even enter your own one. The number of sets can be change on the fly. All this can be easily done while you are working out in the gym.

You can review your workout on any date in the past, and track your progress for any exercise. Tables and graphs show your progress for many parameters like One-rep Max, total weight lifted, time, distance, heart rate, and more. Body map in the workout history helps you to find muscles that you neglect.


Body Measurements and Fitness Calculators.

If your goal is increasing your muscles or slimming, measuring your body is the only accurate way to track your progress.

You can take measurements from both sides of your body and track them separately or record the average value.

Additional custom fields allow you to track anything you want (Weight Watcher points, calories consumed, blood pressure and so on).

GymGoal also gives you several fitness calculators and trackers: BMI, BMR, TDEE, Body Fat Percentage, Target Heart Rate and One Rep Max.



All data is stored locally on your device. You don't need the Internet to use the app.

You can send your logs, routines and the schedule to any email address.

You can backup all your data to our server. If anything happens to your iPhone or iPad, you will be able to restore all your data. This feature is free. You can also use this feature to copy your data to a different device.

GymGoal provides you stability and premium features that are heads above the competition.


Differences from other apps

  • the most comprehensive all-in-one fitness application
  • extremely customizable and expandable
  • easy to use, well-designed interface
  • unparalleled attention to quality and details
  • a continuously upgraded and maintained system


User reviews from AppStore

Amazing app, and underpriced ★★★★★

by Rac-aus

I thought I just wanted an app to let me track my exercises, weights, and reps. Figured this one may be overkill but gave it a try. I’m loving it!

I used one of the preset routines, which has opened me up to some new exercises I wouldn’t have normally done. Yes, there’s a little bit of a learning curve, but it isn’t bad at all. And it’s because the developer really thought of everything — lots of little features that really make a difference. It even shows videos of every single exercise, which are mapped to a picture of a body. Brilliant!

Love the weight tracking, including a nice chart. I’ve put on 5 lbs in just 16 days of lifting. (After several years of being out of the gym). After using this for a couple of weeks, I’d easily pay $30 for this app.

Amazingly Good! ★★★★★

by cpacook

I have owned and tested many exercise tracking apps over the years. Recently, my favorite exercise app for many years was abandoned by the developers. That put me in the market for a replacement. After testing and evaluating what I considered the best 5–7, I came across this app.

After setting it up and using it, I was totally blown away! To top that off, there is world-class customer service that responds to email questions literally in minutes! It is very rare to find a really high-quality, well-designed, reasonably priced app that does everything it claims and then some.

*Disclaimer: this review was not solicited. The reviewer is not associated with SmalTek.

User Reviews


by Ghostriderr360

Awesome app. Been using it for 6 years.

Great for gym or cardio tracking

by Aggregatus

A comprehensive tracking app, even for beginners; track weights & cardio workouts and body measurements. Lots of progress reports & charts. Has a countdown stop watch and "how to" animated videos too.

GymGoal is the best!

by Sports49er

I tried about 5 different apps before finding this one. This is by far the best and most versatile workout scheduling app I've found.

I am able to create my own exercises including detailed instructions and reminders. I have different routines set up with or without super sets. You can also include YouTube videos and photos you've captured from the internet.

They're customer service is awesome. I reported a problem and it was fixed in an update within two weeks.

I highly recommend this app for anyone who is weight lifting, cross training or even cardio circuit training. A great record keeping and workout planning tool.


by andre550

I've been using it for 4 or 5 years and I found it the best, most reliable and user-friendly so far when compared with others that have in in AppStore a couple of years and suddenly stop being updated.

This app had only 2 versions (I use version 2) in all these years in AppStore, and that's because of IOS development. I keep a record from my exercises from day 1. Keep up the good work GymGoal!!!!!

Best customizable workout tracker!

by DanielleNK

Great app! Can customize workouts and track measurements but what really sold me on this app was the in app timer to Time myself between sets for supersets! I've been looking for an app like this for a long time!